The Coleslaws

St Mary's and St Benedict's National School Kilbarrack 3rd Class 20th February 2009
One dark time in the fridge lived Mr and Mrs Coleslaw. The fridge was smelly and full of rotten food.  Mr and Mrs Coleslaw really hated the fridge. They wanted to become King and Queen of the fridge so they could change it.

The bum man was on his way back from work to get more groceries. Mr and Mrs Coleslaw were hiding at the back of the fridge waiting for someone to open it. They were afraid of the bum man.

‘We are getting too old and we need to have a baby’, said Mr Coleslaw.
Mrs Coleslaw collapsed.

‘Oh dear, don’t say that again. We need to become King and Queen first, and then we can have a princess’, said Mrs Coleslaw.

The bum man could not fit in the door of his house, because he was too fat. After about an hour he fit through the door, dropped the shopping, and went to open the fridge and put some sour milk in.  Then he sat down and said, ‘That was a relief’.

Sammy the sour milk arrived in the fridge. Apparently the Coleslaws got on very well with Sammy the sour milk.

Sammy had some tips to help them to become King and Queen and to defeat the bum man. ...