Coco's Dream

Coco immediately starts barking “woof woof!”

In response, Cappuccino says, “Don’t be afraid, I’m only Cappuccino the cat. What’s your name?”

Coco says “My name is Coco, I’m a dog. I was dreaming of being a super hero, but someone interrupted me.”

“Who interrupted you?” asks Cappuccino.

“You did!” replies Coco.

“SORR—EEY!” says Cappuccino.

“Why do you want to be a super hero? Just go for it!” says Cappuccino.

 Coco replies “I need some material for my cape and I need to learn how to get over walls and out of this box!”

Cappuccino the cat offers to help Coco out of the box.

Before Coco has time to think, Cappuccino is up on the wall ready to jump onto Coco’s box.

Cappuccino leaps from the wall and lands smack on the box.

Coco tumbles out of the box and runs behind the bin. Cappuccino wonders where Coco has disappeared to.

Cappuccino walks down the lane and suddenly Coco runs down the lane after her.
Coco notices that Cappuccino appears to be getting smaller and smaller . . .