Cobby And His Dream

Sacred Heart SNS, 5th class, County Wicklow, 14th November 2017

There was a placed called La La Land where a unicorn called ‘Cobby’  lived.

His friend Benny the bear lived next door. Benny loved corn so much he’d eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

There was a man who hated unicorns called Mr. Corney the unicorn beater.

Cobby was afraid to go outside because Mr. Corney lived nearby.

Every morning on their way to school they see Mr. Corney running after him.

Benny waddled like a duck so he couldn’t run that far so Mr Corney was able to capture him.

Cobby won a prize to eat the biggest corn on the cob.

Now she had to choose between her lifelong dream and her best friend.