The Clash of Two Armies

Ballyroan BNS, 4th Class, Rathfarnham, Fighting Words Wicklow, 01 December 2020

It was kind of a good day but it was also kind of a bad day…

Steward the Sausage and Cheesy the Cheeseman met Bertha the Burnt Sausage at Burger King.

Together they met to lead their mighty army of pickles.

They led their army away from Uncle Frank’s barbeque.

Steward said to Cheesy, “Let’s go and take down Burger King!”

They wanted to take down Burger King because they wanted to get revenge on their arch-nemesis Dr. Burger. 

“It’s a trap!” said Cheesy

“But we must unite with the Gherkin!” said Steward. 

“Let’s use one of our pickles to test out the trap.”

They threw a dead pickle into the trap to see what happened.

It turned into a bucket of pickle juice…