Ciara and Jason Go On Their Big Adventure

St. Philip the Apostle JNS, Clonsilla, 2nd Class, 9th November 2011
Once upon a time, there was a 5 year old girl named Ciara. She loved painting.

One day, she was doing her homework.  Afterwards she decided to visit her best friend, Jason. He was an 8 year old boy.  He was very rich and loved playing football.

They were watching TV together when they saw a really cool agent called Agent Black. They were excited.
“Come on! Let’s go and see where he lives!” said Jason.

Ciara said, “What about our parents? What will they say?”

“We’ll only be gone a little while. Come on! We’ll be fine,” Jason said.

“Alright then. Just for a little while,” Ciara said.

She felt very nervous and scared. She was worried about who she might meet along the way. 

But she decided to go anyway…