Ciara and Her Five Super Pups

St Fiachras JNS Beaumont 2nd Class 21st January 2011
One day, Ciara heard barking sounds coming from a box in a ditch.

She investigated the box and found five puppies inside. She felt really sorry for them and decided to take them home.

On the way home, they all jumped out of the box, over three lorries and landed safely back in the box. Ciara was amazed.

It was then she realised they were super pups - but nobody would believe her.

Ciara ran straight over to her friend, Nigel the Ninja’s house. Nigel the Ninja was relaxing at home with his super hamster.

When Ciara knocked on the door, Nigel sent his super hamster to open the door with his laser eyes.

“Nigel, you are not going to believe me, but I found five super pups in a box,” said Ciara.

“They jumped out of the box and over three lorries and landed in the box safely.

If you don’t believe me then look with your own eyes,” she told Nigel.

Nigel opened the lid of the box, looked in and saw the five puppies sleeping.

Suddenly the pups began to shrink and burp, and spiders started coming out of their mouths.

Ciara was really afraid…