Ciara and her dog Toby

Virgin Mary GNS, Ballymun,2nd Class, 9th December 2011
One day, ten-year-old Ciara and Toby, the talking and flying dog, were out for a walk in the park.

It started to rain and Ciara got annoyed that their walk was ruined.

She wanted to fly back home but their wings were wet.  They had to walk home in the dark and the rain instead.

Ciara turned to Toby and said, “Toby, I’ve had enough of this rain.  I’d like to go to Africa.  We could go and defeat the Great Wizard of Africa and do some exploring when we’re there.”

Toby didn’t really like the idea, but Ciara convinced him that there was loads of dog food and gorgeous sunshine and lots of interesting things to see there.

Ciara added, “You might meet lots of new animals to make friends with.”
So they packed their bags with clothes, dresses, shoes, earrings, food and many other things to help with their journey.  They also packed lots of fairy dust to keep their wings dry.

Out in their garden, they were getting ready to take off to Africa when Ciara saw the Evil Wizard of Africa.  He was very jealous of her wings and had a plan to cut them off her for himself.  (He had just arrived in Ireland, having travelled by magical portal.)

Ciara had heard that the Evil Wizard was very mean and scary, so she was very scared for herself and her friend, Toby…