Chris the Ninja

St Thomas’ SNS, 4th class, County Wicklow, 21st February 2018

My name is Chris and I’m a ninja. I always have dreams of meeting the Master Ninja Jung Chong who lives in the highest mountain in China.

When I was young, my sensei taught me how to fight and use shurikens.

My pet cat is my best friend. Her name is Cookie. The thing I’m most afraid of is my Evil Dad Jason stopping me from getting to Jung Chong.

One day, I got in my boat and journeyed to North Korea. It took Cookie and me two weeks to get to the dojo.

“Hai-ya,” I shouted, fighting Shing Shan, with my sword. Unfortunately, he can grow his legs back.

After the fight, my dad’s evil minions came and kidnapped me. They separated me and Cookie…