This is Chopchop

Rathdown Junior School, Glenageary, 5th Class, 18th January 2012
One day in the middle of summer, Chopchop the pink monkey met his best friend Lello the banana in an ice cream shop.

Chopchop was eating his favourite banana ice cream and Lello was having coconut ice cream.

“Hey Lello, I’m eating one of your kind!” said Chopchop.
“That’s not very nice, Chopchop,” said Lello. “Can I have my mum back?”

“Too late! I’ve already eaten her. You can have her head back, though,” Chopchop told Lello.

Chopchop saw a poster on the wall of the ice cream shop saying that Billy Joe Bob the disco pig was coming to the M2. Billy Joe Bob was Chopchop’s favourite celebrity: BJB. 

He saw that the tickets were 96 bananas each, but he only had 95. 

He looked at Lello pleadingly and said, “Can I borrow you for a couple of years because I’m the only friend you have?”

Chopchop went home to ask his mum if he could go to the concert. 
“NO WAY!” shouted his mum.

Chopchop started crying because he was so afraid of his mum. He thought to himself, “Am I really going to have to steal my best friend to go to the concert?”