Chief and The Ostrich

By Shonagh Purcell Tobin

once upon a time there was a dog called Chief. Chief was a lonely dog he had no friends. 

So one day he decided to go out on his scooter and find some dog friends. 

When chief was looking for some friends he spotted an ostrich and he thought that it was a bit strange to see an Ostrich just wandering around like that! 

So Chief decided to go over to the ostrich and try and  make friends with the ostrich. 

When chief went over to the ostrich, the ostrich let out a big squelchy burp!!!

Chief tried not to laugh but it was to hard not to!!

The Ostrich politely apologized to Chief and said, "I am a lonely Ostrich, oh so sad, on the street." 

"I have no friends. Would you like to be mine?" asked the Ostrich. 

Chief thought for a moment and then said "yes!! But first I need to know your name." So the Ostrich said "oh I am so sorry I do forget sometimes. You see I have never had a friend before. Let me say my name. My name is Petunia. Whats your name? "My name is Chief" Said Chief in a big tough voice.

The ostrich smiled at Chief. Petunia suggested that they should go for a walk and get ice-cream. Chief thought this was a great idea so they went over to 'Freezing Cold' the shop that sold the best ice-cream.

Then they walked to the park. They saw a lake and jumped in!!

Then they went shopping and Chief got a new collar that said 'Tough Guy'.

Chief and Petunia started feeling very tired. So Chief went home. He felt bad for Petunia because she didn't have a home. So he went back to see her then brought her into his house. Chief didn't tell his owners because he knew that they would go bizarre because it was an ostrich!!

So he snuck Petunia into the closet! He then went up to his owner's bedroom.

Petunia appreciated this but was very cold.

When it was morning Chief's owner, the dad, who gets up at 6 am everyday, gets his clothes out of the closet. He keeps his clothes in there. I don't know why so don't ask me!

Chief forgot this when he was putting Petunia in the closet last night. 
When Niall, the dad of the family, went to get his clothes he found Petunia. Imagine finding an Ostrich in your closet!!

When Niall found Petunia he let out a terrifying scream that I swear the whole world could hear. He ran upstairs to rub water on his eyes. 
Then ran back down stairs to find an ostrich again!!  Chief and the whole family woke up and ran downstairs to find an Ostrich!!

Everyone was in shock they couldn't breathe. The children were terrified and so was the mother. Niall said in a loud voice "I insist we ship this animal off to Spain". Chief got very angry when Niall said that, she was his only friend. 

The mother Anne said, " Ostrich's are the most dangerous animals there isll", feeling clever. 

And the older sister Ella agreed. Tom the little boy thought this was cool. But everyone else said "are you insane Tom?" "No!" Said Tom angrily. And Chief barked, disagreeing with everyone except Tom.


 Then Anne the mother said· "I agree with your father kids, we are going to ship this animal to Spain."
 So they called a shipping company and asked them if they had room to fit an Ostrich.
 The company said, "we do have room for another animal."Great! We will be there at 8am at the docks,"said Anne. Chief was so sad he started howling at the family. Tom said it will be OK and petted the Chief on the head.
 At 8am The family made their way over to the docks with Petunia in a box. They wheeled her to the people.
 The people took Petunia and put her on their ship. Chief couldn't even look. She was his only friend and she was taken away from him.
 Chief had to do something about this. Cos his name isn't Chief for nothing.
 So he started barking really loud.
 The family was really embarrassed.
 Chief had to make a list. He was going to...

  •  Bark really loud.
  •  Run up to the ship and bite the people.
  •  Get Petunia out of the box and bring her home.

But just how was he going to do that? He had to figure it out.
Chief crept up to the people and bit the man on his bottom! And then he ticked off 'run up to the ship and bite the people'. 

  • Bark really loud.yes
  • Run up to the ship and bite the people.yes
  • Get Petunia out of the box and bring her home .

Next he needed to get Petunia. But how? 
He was going to have to think big. So when he got his plan he crept up the stairs quickly and then saw Petunia. He told her his plan and she thought it was great. So Chief managed to bite off the rope and the plastic.

The box opened and petunia was free!! They ran down the stairs and got off the ship. Tom saw Chief and Petunia. He didn't say anything, he just smiled and nodded.Then Ella screamed and pointed at the two. Tom said, "can we keep the ostrich dad?"

Niall said, "no! We cannot! But we can give the ostrich to the zoo" he said in a nicer voice.

Chief thought and said to himself, well if we bring Petunia to the zoo I can see her whenever I want and see will get food so I guess OK that's a good idea!!

2 weeks Later!!!

They went to the zoo and Chief saw Petunia. Chief did it!!!!