Cheeseman’s Revenge

St Maelruains Church of Ireland School, 5th and 6th Class, 13 September 2012
“Thank you for coming to my show,” said Marshal the cheese man from backstage.

Everyone knew him as Cheeseman because he hated his name. The crowd exploded into cheers and couldn’t wait for him to come on and start rapping.

Cheeseman was completely made of cheese and he was performing in the Aviva Stadium in front of tens of thousands of fans.

“Don’t be nervous,” said his best friend, John.  John was a leprechaun from County Meath.  He was constantly on a diet but it never worked.

Cheeseman wasn’t nervous because he was used to crowds. He knew that he had loads and loads of fans but his main rivals were the gang of mice rappers known as the Cheese Eaters. They were four fat mice who had always dreamt of eating Cheeseman. 
The mice wore gold Adidas tracksuits and gold chains with a piece of cheese on them. 

The head mouse’s piece of cheese on his chain was a bit of cheddar that used to be Cheeseman’s little sister, Mary.

Cheeseman danced out onto the stage, threw up the microphone, caught it and then shouted “Cheese please!” before holding out the microphone to the audience.

Cheeseman cried, “Yo, yo, yo! I’ve an announcement to make people of Dublin....”