Cheese Man and the Deadly Sausages

St Mary’s College Junior School, Rathmines, 4th Class, 1 October 2012
Cheese Man was born by milk so he decided to down a lot of milk.

He lived in a fridge on Cheese World in the Milky Way.   

It was a horrible world, infested by the most deadly creatures known as Denny-style sausages...that fly!

Cheese Man was in his girlfriend’s house, trying to eat her because he found out she had been “cheesing” on him.   

Cheese Man’s girlfriend was called Mozzarella Cheese.  

They all wore sausage proof kilts so they don’t get eaten by the deadly sausages that live on the planet.

Flying Pig, Cheese Man’s best friend, was also in the kitchen, eating a load of slop.

The slop was made out of Denny-style rashers. 

The rashers came from Flying Pig’s old best friend, who he used to know, Charlie Chops. 

Suddenly, a Denny-style sausage jumped in through the window and ate Mozzarella Cheese!......