Charles’s Adventure

St. Pius X GNS, Terenure, 3rd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow 23 February 2021

Charles the dog lived in an apartment in the city with his owner. But his greatest fear was just out the door. He was very afraid of getting lost in the city.

One day, he heard a claw scratching and meow at the door. It was his best friend, Midnight the black cat. 

“My greatest wish is to be a superhero,” said Charles.

“It could be a bit dangerous,” replied Midnight.

“I think I’m brave enough,” said Charles. He was not going to listen to Midnight. Midnight walked away. 

“You’re going to get yourself killed,” muttered Midnight. 

Charles’s owner took him for a walk in the park. Charles saw a girl stuck in the lake, and he wanted to save her.

He jumped into the lake and swam to the girl. The girl waded back with him. On his way back to his owner, he crossed the road and got hit by a car.

Meanwhile, Midnight was driving along in his owner’s car. Suddenly, he saw Charles get hit by a car and jumped out to save him. 

“Thanks,” said Charles in a really nice voice.

“No problem,” replied Midnight. They were friends again. “But I told you you were going to get yourself killed.”

Out of nowhere, somebody captured them...