Catch that Chicken!

Creative Writing Workshop, Homeschooling Group, 1 November 2018

The mutant cyborg shape-shifting chicken was on a mission.

He was trying to scrounge enough change for a hot chocolate. He wanted marshmallows.

Boomer Spinball M didn’t know he could shape-shift, otherwise he would’ve turned into a mouse to get a better view.

It was a dark and stormy night, so it was quite hard to find any change.

Then Boomer Spinball M found a farm that had a coin in it, but he didn’t know it was a chicken farm.

It was a trap.

The chicken farmers wanted to have a good meal.

But when the farmers found Boomer Spinball M, they found out that he had a virus that made him way taller than the average human.

The farmers got two tractors and lured Boomer Spinball M into a cage that was meant to be for apples.

The mutant apple army tried to save him…