Carrot E Chopper and Baby Rakka

St.  Mary’s Junior School, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 2nd April 2019

One day Carrot E Chopper was sitting in his room learning how to chop.

He decided to go for a walk and along the way he met Mr Broccoli.

Carrot E Chopper says “hi, what’s your name?”

“My name is Mr Broccoli, what’s yours?” “Carrot E Chopper” he answered, “do you want to go to the park”.

The two walked to the playground, they played on the swings and took turns on the slide.

A villain popped out of the bushes and shouted “my name is Baby Rakka”.

Baby Rakka tried to kick the two friends out of his way. Carrot E Chopper screamed “hhhhhhhheeeeeeeehhhhhhaaaaa”.

Just then Baby Rakka turned them into humans…