Careful What You Wish For

Gardiner Street Convent Primary School, 4th Class
Monkey Judge was the Queen of the jungle in Africa. Her greatest wish was to be a pretty human girl.

On her way through the jungle, she heard someone rapping and it turned out to be Funky Freddie, her best friend.

“Hello”, said Monkey Judge. Funky Freddie continued rapping ‘Under Pressure'.

“I said HELLO!”, she screamed. After what seemed like ages, Freddie turned around and said “Hello Monkey Judge! I have two tickets to go to see Jedward.

Do you want to come along?” Monkey Judge replied “Yes, I’d love to come along!”

After the concert, Monkey Judge said “Wow! That was the best concert ever!”.

As they were walking home through the jungle, Monkey Judge told Funky Freddie how she wished to become a girl….