Candy Cane’s Big Journey

St. Fiachras JNS, 2nd class, 9th December 2020

Once in the North Pole, deep in the forest, there was a reindeer called Candy Cane.

His favourite food was carrots and his favourite drink was milk.

Santa was in the deep forest and he saw Candy Cane with an icicle in his back.

Santa looked up and saw the evil Santa Pig with his army of ice goblins shooting icicles at Candy Cane. 

Santa goes back to the workshop and brings back his army of elves to help Candy Cane and brings Candy Cane back to stable to heal him. 

Santa brings a healing potion to help Candy Cane. Candy Cane wakes up after a few minutes. 

Candy Cane is healed and he saw Husky licking him.

The Husky named Snowball asked Candy Cane, “Are you okay?”

And Candy Cane said, “Yes, I’m okay.

My back hurts because I had to get some injections in my back but it’s all okay now.”

Snowball the Husky said, “Watch out!” The ice goblins were coming their way, shooting icicles and Santa got in the way and grabbed one the icicles just in time. 

Then out of nowhere, the Evil Santa Pig attacked them...