Candy Cane’s Adventures

St. Marnock’s NS, 1st class, 10th November 2021

Once there was a little elf called Candy Cane. She tried to get to her friend, Snowy the reindeer’s, house.

Candy Cane found Snowy’s house and she knocked on the door. 

“Is there anyone there?” said Candy Cane. “Hi, can I come into your house?”

Candy Cane opened the door and didn’t see Snowy, but she saw Bad Santa. 

“Get out of the house!” Bad Santa said to Candy Cane.

Across the road, she saw Bad Santa’s sleigh with Snowy in it.

Candy Cane saw Bad Santa was about to drive the sleigh away. 

“Santa, let Snowy free!” said Candy Cane.

“I’m never letting Snowy free,” said Bad Santa.

“I need to get my friend back,” said Candy Cane.

Candy Cane jumped onto the sleigh but she didn’t know what to do next...