The Calgonian Election

St. Fiachra’s SNS, Beaumont, 6th Class, 12th January 2012
It was a cold dark winter’s day in Calgonia. Michael the washing-machine had just woken from a terrible nightmare.

He had dreamt that he had been running for President but lost to Oddsocks, the world’s oddest sock.

He looked down to his friend Calvin the boxer-shorts who was lying in the bottom bunk and he told him about his dream.

Calvin suggested he have his bowl of Calgon flakes as that always made him feel better.
Over breakfast, Michael told Calvin that he didn’t want Oddsocks being President of Calgonia. 

Michael decided that he would run for President. Calvin said, “ I’ll be your campaign manager!”

They went around putting up posters. They went on chat shows.

They made speeches and visited schools.

They shook hands with toasters and kissed baby blenders.

The night of the big debate with his opponent Oddsocks, on ‘Tonight with Vincent the Brown Dishwasher’, Michael was feeling faint.

“Why are you scared?” Clavin asked him.

“When I was younger I had a terrible experience with Oddsocks,” Michael replied.

“Well, now is the perfect opportunity to overcome your fear,” said Calvin. “You’ll knock his socks off!”.