The Butcher Strikes Again

Wicklow Montessori School, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class, County Wicklow, 16 October 2018

One bright, early morning, Lily the doge was lying in bed.

Suddenly she fell out of bed because she was having a bad dream.

In her dream,   black widow spiders were trying to eat her whole!

Suddenly, Blaze the dragon came crashing through the roof!

“I’m hungry, do you want to go to Butch the butcher’s to get some food?

Also – why are you on the ground?” said Blaze.

“S..s..spiders! Too many spiders! They’re going to eat me whole!”

Lily stuttered. Then she howled in a terrified voice, “SPIDER ON THE FLOOR! CALL THE FBI!”

Blaze called the exterminator. “I can’t call the FBI because I’m an outlaw.” he said “So I’ll just call the exterminator instead!”

The phone rang and Butch the Butcher picked up!