Bunkle's Jail Break

Bray School Project, County Wicklow, 10th May 2018

One morning at 3 a.m. Chippy the chip man felt very sick. He was doing the marshmallow 3 a.m. challenge.

Bunkle the donkey was flying by when he saw Chippy getting sick through the window.

He tried to go in the window to help him but got stuck because he was so big.

Then Chippy the chip man turned around and got sick all over Bunkle.

“Chippy! Don’t do that!’ Bunkle angrily shouted, wiping the sick out of his eyes.

“Sorry Bunkle” Chippy sighed. ‘I puked because I had a vision of Andre the goldfish. He was on a really old hamster wheel in  Wicklow Jail.

“We should help him,” Bunkle replied.

Suddenly a dark cloaked figure appeared on a basketball net in the street. He was eating drumsticks.

‘Only one person would be in the street on a basketball net eating drumsticks,’ said Bunkle, dramatically.

“It’s Mr. Quigley the chicken boss!’ Chippy snorted…