Bros vs. Bros

St Colmcille’s Junior National School, Knocklyon​, 2nd Class, 24th October 2018

Once upon a time there was a football player named Mr Potato. He was trying to make a team of potatoes.

Nobody liked Mr Potato because he was a potato and he was so different.

But Mr Potato’s friend Bob Broccoli was really popular and he tried to make Mr. Potato popular.

When Bob Broccoli made Mr Potato more popular, he became even more popular than Bob Broccoli. Then Bob Broccoli wasn’t Mr Potato’s friend anymore.

Mr Potato got a job to be a football player. And then since he was a football player, he got loads of potato people for the team.

The potato people were very good at football and they tried to win the Vegetable World Cup. They all played for Tater Tots.

Mr Potato was having so much fun  - but deep down he was missing Bob Broccoli.

Bob Broccoli came to Mr Potato’s match and cheered for Mr Potato.

And after the match, they became best friends again but Carrot wanted to join the group.

But then one day, Mr Potato saw a sign that read: “NEW TEAM -  THE BROCCOLI BROS” led by Bob Broccoli…