The Boy Who Dreamed

By Karac, age 10 – Co. Dublin

This is the story of a boy called Aaron, who dreamed every night when he was in bed with his thick duvet over him and his cuddly toy Ted. 

Aaron dreamed of dragons and amazing things to see, like rainbow rivers and talking trees. 

In one of Aaron’s dreams, Ted learned how to talk.

Ted could sing and dance and even go for a walk.

Then Aaron woke to the ringing of his alarm.

“I’ll stay in bed a little bit longer,” he said. “It can’t do any harm.”

Aaron dreamed of being a storyteller - he’d tell stories for all to hear.

He’d make them want to listen; he’d make them draw an ear. 

Aaron’s dreams came true. In a few years’ time, he would make people listen, with his stories and his rhymes. 

So the moral of the story is to stick to your dreams like glue.

Because if you keep believing, your dreams might just come true.

The End