Boots Vs. Mrs. McCranky

St. Mary's NS, 23/06/10, 3rd Class
Once upon a time there were two best friends called Bootie and Chi-Chi.

Bootie was a pair of magic dancing boots, who wanted to be a professional dancer.

She loved dancing.  She hoped it could change her life as she might become famous.

Her best friend Chi-Chi, the cheeky boots, sang with her while she danced.

But they were afraid to go on stage because Mrs McCrankey was the judge of the dance competition, Dance-Factor.

On Saturday they went to the competition.  They left as they were so afraid when they saw Mrs McCrankey there. But as they ran out the door, they bumped into her.

“You will never be famous because you are just a pair of boots,” shouted Mrs McCrankey!

“Why don’t you dance on stage and then we can see who is the better dancer?” Chi-Chi said really cheekily.

Mrs McCrankey agreed to the dance-off.

One week later, Mrs McCrankey arrived at the competition in a banger of a car, but Bootie and Chi-Chi arrived in a fancy Ferrari.

She arrived late because she was chased by the police for speeding.

“Bring it on,” said Chi-Chi.

“For sure, I’m going to win!” replied Mrs McCrankey. “So bring it on then.”

“I bet you can’t sing like me,” said Chi-Chi.

“Blah-blah-white sheep, have you any fur?” sang Mrs McCrankey…