Booboo and his big-butterd Christmas

St Patrick’s NS, Greystones, 3rd class, County Wicklow, 30th April 2018

Once upon a time, at Christmas, Booboo Butt the Hippo wished he had a big-butted Christmas.

He was standing in a big zoo cage. He really liked the cage but he wished that his best friend, Gilbert Smeg-Phart, a wrinkly old egg could be there too.

The one thing he didn’t like about his cage was the person who cleaned it, Derek the old man.

Then one day, Gilbert arrived in his magical burger car. Gilbert sneaked up to the cage and scared Booboo by shouting ”Hi” really loudly.

”Who is that?” said Booboo Butt in a scared voice, accidentally squishing Gilbert against the wall.

“Oi, Booboo! It’s just me under here” said Gilbert in a squashed voice.

Booboo moved and Gilbert said “Oooh… me yolkies”.

Then Derek, the grumpy old man, ran over to the cage, took out his fly smacker and…