Bob's Greatest Dream

Brooklodge N.S.​ 4th Class County Cork, Fighting Words Cork, 11 February 2020

One day, Bob the Robot was at home. He lived on Mars. In his house, he was cooking fried flying horse and griffin.

Then he heard a bell ring, Scampi the Fish was there for dinner. Scampi has to eat his food in a fish bowl.

After dinner was finished, Bob made dessert, which was a cherry bomb.

Then they heard a ringing, ‘Oh no,’ exclaimed Bob, ‘It’s the special occasion phone’.

He heard a familiar voice, it was Fred the Turtle.

Bob was afraid of Fred the Turtle because he eats plastic, and plastic pollutes the ocean where Scampi the Fish lives.

Fred the Turtle regurgitates his plastic in the ocean. 

Fred the Turtle demanded Bob the Robot and Scampi the Fish to meet him at an abandoned ice-cream shop.

Fred the Turtle, his family, his house, and everything he owns, is made of tinfoil.

When they got to the abandoned ice-cream shop, Fred the Turtle wasn’t there.

He was late because his tinfoil car broke down.

The stench of ten-year old ice-cream filled the room.

Fred the Turtle wanted to trade something that Bob the Robot had, for a clue about who created him...