Bob and the Scary Dog

Scoil Cholmcille​, 3rd class, County Wicklow, 14th May 2019

Once upon a time there lived a Cat called Bob who had Magical powers.

He was able to talk human and disappear at anytime.

One day he was asleep up an oak tree in Africa. His friend, Billy the Snakey Mouse was visiting him because it was Saturday.

They usually watched game-shows and NFL on Saturdays. While Bob was watching the show, his tail started to grow.

His greatest wish was that his tail could grow longer than any other cat-tail in the world. Bob was really excited.

“Look at my tail!!” Bob screamed excitedly. He screamed this five times.

Duster the Scary dog was in the back garden, and he jumped up and ripped Bob’s tail.

“Hsssssss Scccccrrrrrrrrttttttttt,” Bob hissed.

Bob scrawned Duster, and the sofa went flying. The TV blew up and knocked the dog through the window.

Billy the Snakey Mouse slid up onto Duster’s back and chewed his ear, clamping it onto the ground.

Then, Bob started coughing, and Billy knew that when Bob coughed like that it meant trouble. The tree felt like it was going to fall…