Bob and his Lost Love

Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun​, 5th Class, 15th January 2019

Once upon a time there was a chicken nugget called Bob. He lived in a big, deep fat fryer.

Sometimes Bob looked out the window and daydreamed that he would get a girlfriend.

Fizzy the Coca-Cola was Bob’s best friend but he wanted something more.

Every few minutes Bob would see his friends being eaten. He became more lonely every day.

One day, Fizzy the Coca-Cola was ordered by someone.

“NOOOOO!” screamed Bob.

Bob made his way out of the big deep fat fryer to save her.

When he looked down out of the fryer, he realised that the jump was too eggstreme… but he didn’t care because he loved Fizzy.

Bob jumped from the high drop and ran after Fizzy.

Before he could save her she was gone!...