Bob and Cabbage Bond Go On An Adventure

St Thomas Senior National School, Jobstown, 5th Class, 8th November 2012
One day Bob the potato and his best friend, Cabbage Bond, went on a mission to find an Irish girlfriend potato.

They decided to look in McDonald’s. 

Cabbage Bond has a green face and a black tuxedo and a tomato shooting pistol.  The potato had glasses and walks like a penguin.

While they were walking, Cabbage Bond said to his friend, “Don’t forget, we have to go to Dunnes Stores and capture The Evil Egg to make our breakfast in the morning.”

Bob the potato thought to himself as they were walking, “I don’t want to get too close to that restaurant because I might get turned into chips! But I have to go in, because that’s where the Irish girl potatoes hang out.”

The Irish girl potatoes like the steam room for food. 

Then, something amazing happened...