Bob A and Barta's School Trip

St Thomas' SNS, Jobstown​, 4th class, County Wicklow, 28 February 2019

One day in school Bob A was going on a tour with his class to a haunted house.

The bus driver was really, really mean. Bob A wanted to get rid of the bus driver and needed help to do it.

He teamed up with Barta, his best friend, to annoy the bus driver.

The bus driver had no clue what was going to happen.

Barta and Bob A annoyed the bus driver so much that he crashed the bus into a huge tree.

 The bus driver called another bus so they could continue the tour but when they got on board Bob A and Barta continued to say: “Bob A, Barta” in annoying voices.

 Finally they got tired as the bus pulled up at the haunted house.

When they got to the haunted house they realised one of the friends from their class was missing.

 The person missing was Barta.

There was a trail of butter on the floor that led into the haunted kitchen.

Butter was Barta’s favourite food.

Suddenly they all heard screams from the basement…