Bob, Alice And The Flying Chair

Story-writing Field trip, Ranelagh Multidenominational School, 6th class.
There was a pig on a farm. If they were looking at it that’s what people would think but it was really Alice. She was actually a person.

Beside the farm was a huge mansion where Bob lived. That morning he was busy counting his money and dreaming of the girl on the farm next door.

They were both very lonely and wanted friends. One day when Bob was collecting eggs from Alice’s farm, he fell in love with her.

“Take these eggs,” he said to his servant. “I’m going for a stroll. I want to talk to that poor unfortunate girl over there. She intrigues me.”

As Bob approached her she looked up from eating her scraps and asked him, “Would you like some of last night’s chicken?”
Just then some flying sandwiches flew by and Alice started chasing them.

The sandwiches were trying to bring her to a cliff so she would fall off.

As she was chasing them she said “Mmmmm, bacon, lettuce and cheese, my favourite!!”

Bob felt the vibrations on the ground from Alice running and jumped on his flying chair called Chairy.

“Up and away Chairy, we need to save that girl!!”

He was trying to save Alice from her watery grave by swooping down and catching her, but she was too heavy.

“Hang on there, I’ll be back in a minute……” said Bob.