Bob’s Adventure

St. David’s BNS, 5th class, 8th March 2021

Bob the Gorilla was climbing a tree to get coconuts. He fell off the tree and landed on his back. NEEEEOOOOW! 

He fell and met Shelf the Monkey. 

“Give me five coconuts and I’ll play a song,” said Shelf. 

“I fell?” said Bob.

Bob the Gorilla gives Shelf five coconuts and he starts playing “Broccoli Man”. 

“What a noisy song!” said Bob.

After Shelf finished playing, he realised that he only had four and a half cocoa nuts.

So Shelf pulled out the wooden spoon. Bob was afraid of the wooden spoon and he whipped out his banana. 

Then, a baboon walked by and called all the animals over. Then they all heard, PEW! BANG…!