Bling on a Mission

Glenasmole National School, Bohernabreena, 5th/6th Class, 13th January 2012
Once upon a time in a jewellery store, there was a diamond and ruby that were sneezed out of a man’s nose.

Out popped Bling the diamond and Rupert the magic ruby. They landed on the floor of the jewellery store.

“Oh no,” said Rupert. “We need to get back to our friends in the display case.”

A two-year-old named Daisy was on the floor. “They look really tasty,” thought Daisy. “Maybe they’re jelly beans.” She tried to devour them.

Bling and Rupert was scared out of their minds. They ran under the gap in the door and they fell into a drain.

Bling and Rupert grabbed each other and screamed: “Aaaaaaaaaahhh!”

Schnubbert the cow was grazing on rats and minding his own business in the sewers. Two flashes of light caught the side of his eye.

He stuck his hoof with fingers into the water and scooped them out and then ran off because he was scared…