Blaster to The Rescue!

St. Brigid’s Girls National School, Cabinteely, Dublin 18, 3rd Class, 17th October 2012
It was twelve o’clock in Candyland and Blaster the fire-breathing dog was walking down the road.

Suddenly, he saw a white wolf sitting on a bench ahead of him.  He thought she looked really friendly and that she was very beautiful. 
Just then, he saw the Pound Man sneaking up behind the wolf.  At that moment, he realised she wasn’t wearing a collar. He knew he had to rescue her! 

Blaster crept behind the Pound Man and breathed fire at his bottom.  The Pound Man yelped with pain and started to do a dance to put out the flames.

Blaster ran off with white wolf (her name was Snow) to the beach in the Congo, in Candyland. 

“Thank you,” said Snow, giving Blaster a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

“I’m so in love,” muttered Blaster to himself. 

Blaster bought Snow an ice cream cone, and then dropped her home. 

“You’re my best friend,” said Snow to Blaster and he replied, “You’re my best friend, too!”

A few days later, Blaster called over to Snow’s house but nobody was there.  He decided to go looking for her. 

While he was going down the road, he saw Snow walking with a black wolf.

What Blaster didn’t know was that the black wolf was Snow’s cousin. 

Blaster ran over and blew fire at the black wolf as he thought they must be going out together!