The Birthday Surprise

​Bealtaine Festival, DCU ILP & Virgin Mary Boys National School, 19 May 2017 

It was Troy’s birthday. His party was at Ballymun Sportslink. There was a big chocolate cake, pizza, chicken nuggets and chips and loads of sweets.

All Troy’s friends were there and they were all having a brilliant time.

Troy’s grandad was having a cup of tea in the party room with Troy’s grandmother and his sister Leah.

Troy walked over to them carefully. He was still wet from the pool and didn’t want to slip. 

“Grandad! You know it’s my birthday today,” said Troy. 

“Is it?” asked his grandad Bob, smiling. “They come around so quickly these days.”

“I can’t believe you forgot my birthday,” said Troy, laughing. “What have you got for me?”

Bob gave him a box wrapped in gold paper. “YES! Thank you!” Troy said, his mouth gaped open.

Troy ripped the paper off. Then he saw what was in the box. 

It was a fairy doll.

“A fairy doll? But I’m a boy!” Troy said. He felt upset and confused.

Leah yanked the doll out of Troy’s hands...

All along, I thought you were a girl.

Character 1 – Troy, 9, short, wearing a green football kit, he likes football and to go fishing every Sunday morning, he likes chocolate and is allergic to popcorn. He’s a bit cheeky

Character 2 – Bob, 69, tall, he’s bald, two different coloured eyes (brown and green), he likes to go jogging around the park and eats chocolate on a Friday, he goes fishing with Troy and likes reading.