Billy’s Dream

St. Patrick’s JNS, 2nd class, 24th June 2021

A long time ago there was a scientist called Billy. He always had a wish to time travel so one day he did.

He had had a dream about time travel and then he started trying to build a time machine but his dad said, “If it breaks, you can’t come back so I don’t want you to build a time travel machine.”

He started building the time machine anyway. He was done a week later.

He kept the machine in the garage of his best friend, Thomas the Alien’s house. 

One Tuesday, they went back to dinosaur times. Then they heard a big, roaring sound. Billy felt nervous.

He saw the dinosaur and leapt back into the time machine but it was broken. 

He thought he’d fixed it again and rang his friend, Thomas, on his phone.

Billy was running back to the time machine, crying because he was so scared.

When he went back he realised he was missing some parts...