Billy and The Jellybeans

​Craughwell National School, Craughwell, Co. Galway, 3rd & 4th Class, 2 February 2018

Billy the bull was on the farm. One day, the farmer bought a new cow called Katie.

Billy thought Katie looked a bit mean. She was put into the same field as Billy.

“What’s your name?” asked Katie.

“My name’s Billy,” Billy replied. “What’s yours?”

The cow said,“I’m Katie. Where do you get the food around here? Are there any jellybeans around here?”

“No way, I hate jellybeans!” shouted Billy.

“Why do you not like them?” Katie asked.

Billy told her, “I had a nightmare about them. They grew arms and legs and then they were chasing me with laser eyes.”

Katie laughed so hard she fell over. “There’d be no purpose to life without jellybeans!”

Suddenly, Billy saw a rocket ship in the sky. It kept looping downwards, in circles, around and around.

The rocket was covered in jellybeans and powered by jellybeans. It was about to crash!

Suddenly jellybeans began to parachute out of the rocket. Katie shouted, “Yes, jellybeans!!”

Billy cried, “No, not jellybeans! Yikes!”

Katie was so hungry that she jumped over the wall into the field. She started to gobble up the jellybeans.

Katie looked for a bucket for the rest of the jellybeans as she was so, so full.

Meanwhile, Billy made his way slowly over towards the rocket. He wanted to fly the rocket, but it was completely out of fuel.

“I found you a bucket, Katie! Can you give me back some jellybeans, please, to fuel the rocket?” Billy asked. “I need all four stomach fulls, please.”

Billy forcefully slapped Katie on the back to get his fuel.

“Aww, that hurts!” Katie cried.

But there was a problem with the fuel. There was too much slobber in it.

What were Billy and Katie going to do? …