Billy and his best friend Handy Mandy

St Laurence O'Toole's Girls School, Sheriff Street, 16th February 2009
Once upon a time Billy and his best friend Handy Mandy went for a walk. They went to the park, to look at the waterfall. They brought a picnic. In a basket. They watched the sun going down.

“I want to be a millionaire,” said Billy to Handy Mandy. “I am going to do the Lotto.”

“Maybe the two of us could do the Lotto together,” said Handy Mandy.

They knew they had to stop at a shop.

At the shop Billy said, “Can we have two Lotto tickets, please.”

The shopkeeper said, “Yes, you may.”

Billy said “Thank You”.

They went home to Handy Mandy’s house. They watched the TV. They saw that they won the Lotto. They screamed and screamed. It was so loud you’d think a mummy was in the house....