Billie Jean's Worst Nightmare

St.Francis SNS, 4th Class, 22nd April 2010.
One day Billie Jean was wandering round the city with lots of shopping bags. Then he saw his biggest dream Cheryl Cole coming out of Penneys.

Billie Jean was drooling and felt surprised and happy. His best friend Frido the Talking Ghost Dog said to Billie Jean

‘Tell her that you love her!’

‘No way Hoszey’ replied Billie Jean.

Frido the Ghost Dog whispered to himself: ‘Well in that case I’ll tell her for you’.

Frido slithered up to Cheryl and peeed on her leg and Billie Jean comes over and said to Cheryl: ‘I’m so sorry my friend did that. Here l’ll bring you to dinner some time.

I forgot to mention my name – I’m Billie Jean.’

Cheryl turned and ran away. And called back ‘Simon already asked me to go with him to the movies, maybe some other time’.

Billie Jean cried all the way back to his graveyard home. He turned on the TV and saw Cheryl singing ‘Fight for this Love’ and then he says to himself:

‘That gives me an idea …. I’m going to fight for my love’.