Big World Shmall Shnail

St. Fiachra's Beaumont 6th Class
Shnoot the female shnail is in a hole eating Cheerios with her best friend, Jim the antelope- he’s a boy. Suddenly they hear a big bang! It’s Apollo the Afro Man coming to take Jim away.

The two of them rush outside to investigate the noise.

They see Apollo the Afro Man wearing a cape and Shnoot squeeks: “Eeeeeep!! I’ll hide in my shell”.

While Shnoot is hiding Apollo grabs Jim and hides him in his huuuge afro. “To the Afro-mobile!” he shouts, running to his massive car made of hair in the shape of an afro with a comb sticking out of the back.

After a while Shnoot comes out of her shell, sees Jim gone and begins to cry. She looks out the window and sees the Afro-mobile heading down the road into a forest.

She follows the dandruff trail from the Afro-mobile until she sees a giant comb lying on the ground guarding a big Afro cave.