The Big Fight

St. Philip the Apostle J.N.S, Clonsilla, 2nd Class, 27th November 2012
One day Sausage the weiner dog was walking and he saw his best friend, Rashers.  She was a the weiner dog too.

Sausage and Rashers were walking in the park.

Sausage said, “Can I come and live with you?”
“Yes!” Rashers replied.

Just then, Sausage and Rashers passed by Beans, the big German shepherd. Sausage was really afraid of Beans, but this time he was going to stand up to him.   He was trying to impress Rashers.

Beans said, “What are you doing in this park?” 
“What are you gonna do about it?” Sausage replied. 
“I’ll get you when Rashers isn’t around!” Beans said, “She is my friend too!”

“You can’t tell Sausage what to do!” said Rashers.

Beans started to chase Sausage and Rashers...