Big Is Beautiful

North Bay Educate Together Kilbarrack, 23rd February 2009
It was a quiet afternoon in the jungle. Tubby the Hippo was in the schoolyard practicing his catwalk-walk. 

The other students could feel the earth quake as he walked, but all he could feel was the air blowing the hair on his back.

“Maybe one day…” he thought to himself as he dreamt of being the jungle’s first plus-size model.

Suddenly, the Tubby-alarm went off!  All the animals ran back into the school because they knew things were about to get dangerous. 

All the kids, that is, except Dopey the dumb duck, who was too busy chasing butterflies to notice the alarm!

Tubby nearly stepped on Dopey.  “Sorry!” he said, “but usually there are no more kids in the schoolyard once the Tubby-alarm goes off!”

“It’s okay,” replied Dopey.  “That’s just really mean of the other animals.”

“Did I hurt you?” Tubby asked.

“No, you just plucked one of my feathers off, but it was off-colour anyway.  Would you like to come over to my gaff to play?”

“That would be great, ‘cos I’m afraid of my mother!”...