The Big Adventure

Mary Help of Christians GNS, Navan Road, 4th Class, 27th September 2018

One day there was a very lonely Mrs Potato Peels.

Mrs Potato Peels phoned her friend, King Guacamole the lion because he was getting married to Queen Guacamole the polar bear.

Jeff the Pig was the bridesmaid.

The Evil Compost Bin stole the Queen Guacamole’s tiara.

King Guacamole went to visit Mrs Potato Peels to get her help in getting the tiara back.

They set off on an adventure to find the tiara.

Queen Guacamole was upset and jealous about this.

She joined forces with the Evil Compost Bin.

Mrs Potato Peels and King Guacamole stopped in the middle of the night to have a rest in Candyland.

They found a gingerbread man’s house and stayed there.

They both woke up with their hair sticky all over.

There was a witch in the house and she cast a spell on them.

Mrs Potato Peels and King Guacamole both turned into guacamole sticks.

So they searched the house to a find a reversing spell.

They had to get it fast before the witch caught them as guacamole sticks were her favourite food…