Bickey And His Pet Chicken Nugget Gary

St. Colmcilles Junior National School, Knocklyon, 2nd Class, 28th January 2019

Once Bickey, the biscuit king of the world, saw a pet chicken nugget in the chicken nugget park.

After he saw a pet chicken nugget, Bickey took him home and took care of him.

Gary the chicken nugget could talk. Bickey gave him a bath with ketchup.

Gary said, “I like Just Dance.”

Bickey replied, “Wow, I love that game too!”

One night, when he was sleeping, Bickey had a bad dream about the goblin zombie.

In the morning, he rang his friend Jordan, the blob with eyes, and told him about his dream.

Jordan was scared too.

The next night Jordan had a bad dream about Goblin the goblin zombie.

Meanwhile, it was the goblin zombie was making Bickey have that dream.

It was actually a vision of what was going to happen.

Gary, Bickey and Jordan heard a weird noise and it was the Goblin the goblin zombie.

He had smashed through the window…