Best Friends

Virgin Mary GNS, Ballymun 4th class 7th April 2011
One hour in 1999, Lava Girl was walking in the forest.

She fell in the bushes and a boy with HUGE feet picked her up.

His feet were bigger than his head.

“Thanks. What is your name?” she said.

“My name is Midget Big Foot. Do you think my name is weird?”
Lava Girl started to giggle, under her breath. She was staring at his feet.

He started staring at her feet. There were lava prints on the ground all around her.

Purple lava dropped from her hair.

They both started to laugh, and that is how they became best friends.

Suddenly she saw a shadow coming towards them.

“What’s that shadow?” she asked.

“Let’s get out of here!” said Midget Big Foot.

They ran behind a wall, but the witch’s shadow was still there.

The witch was holding a water gun. She knew Lava Girl was afraid of water.

The witch squirted and missed!