The Beautiful Mermaid

St. Endas National School 2nd/3rd Class 1st March 2011
Once in a far away ocean, there lived a mermaid called Heidi.  She went to school with her best friend, Ocean the singing dolphin.

When she was swimming home from school one day, she saw Ray the bully ray.

Heidi was frightened. Ray was always very mean to Heidi and rude too.  Ray took the ice cream that Heidi was eating.

Heidi swam home and told her mum.  Her mum said, “Ignore him.  One day you might be a princess and live in a castle.”

This made Heidi happy and she wrote it in her diary and showed it to her friend Ocean.

Ocean said, “That’s very exciting!  But what are you going to do about the bully ray?”