The Banshee of Glencree

​Kilcoole Primary School, County Wicklow, 6th Class, 01 February 2017

My name is Penelope and this is how my life began…

One day in my school, Blobwarts, a new boy came into class.  It was Blob Marley, my best friend.  

He had finally transferred over to my school from the Y-men academy. 

I knew him from my past life but he didn’t know this.  

I walked over to give him a hug but he yelled: 

“Banshee,” and ran away.  

I wondered why he didn’t remember me when I remembered him and thought  “Maybe because he is a blob he can’t recognise me in my new form”.

I turned around and wandered the halls, lonely. But then I saw his friend’s brother at his locker.  

This was Gerald the superhero squid blob.  I wasn’t looking where I was going and knocked into him, spilling his books to the ground.  

He looked up at me while I was helping pick up his books and I realised “That’s the one that I want!”

“What’s up?” I said.  

“Hi”, he replied, with the wind blowing through his tentacles.  

He looked nervous and was shaking. But so was I!  

Everything was silent, so to break the awkward silence I said: 

“Sorry about your books,” and tried to help him.  

As I went to pick one of his books up, it fell through my hands because I was nervous. 

That always happens to me.  Gerald looked at me and I could see the fear in his eyes. 

He screamed, wet his pants and ran away…