Bananas Gone Wrong

St. Columba's, Glasnevin,3rd and 4th Classes, 24/05/10
Once upon a time there was a chimpanzee called Blue.

His favourite toy was his banana gun, which his evil brother, Zebo, stole.

Even though Zebo didn’t like bananas he hid Blue’s banana gun in a banana tree.

Zebo tried to use the banana gun against Blue but Zebo did not know that he himself was allergic to bananas.

He shot the gun in the wrong direction and shot himself with the banana gun.

His head turned into a balloon.

Blue’s friend Chico came along and popped the balloon with his claw and it burst- POWWW!!!- and as it deflated it hissed: SSSSSS…

“I told you you were going down,” said Blue to Zebo.

“No you didn’t! You’ll regret that, Blue!”…