The Banana-Tasting Revenge

St. Fiachra’s S.N.S, Beaumont, 6th Class, 12th December 2011
Once upon the ground, there was not Ernie the barking cat, because he was in the tree.

Ernie was terrified of being on the ground.

He was looking at the Taj Mahal and dreaming of going to Ballywood. 

But first he had to take care of that walking, talking, blue banana, Barnabey.

The reason that Ernie and the blue banana were enemies was because Barnabey had kidnapped Ernie’s family when he was younger. 

He left them stranded in a tree, over a pool of lava for a year.  That’s why, ever since, Ernie has been afraid of the ground.

Barnabey had stranded them because they had eaten his cousin, the green banana.  Barnabey had became so mad that he turned blue.

Ernie hopped onto a telephone wire and started walking towards Barnabey’s hut in the jungle.

Eventually, he spotted the hut.  It was orange coloured and spherical, but it was on the ground. How was he going to get there???...