The Banana Chronicles: Book 1

Ranelagh Multidenominational School, 4th Class
Bob the Monkey lived in a tree-house in the jungle. One day his banana phone started ringing: “Ring ring ring ring Banana phone!”

It was his best friend Gergonglers, who was a big purple jelly with orange spots, jagged teeth and one eye sticking out of his head.

“Hi Bob”, Gergonglers said, “watch out, Dr Dudelittle Junior is on the loose!” Dr Dudelittle Junior was Bob’s greatest enemy because he was going out with Banana Bobbie, who Bob loved, and he also stole his toaster.

“I’ll hide my new talking toaster, thanks for the information” said Bob. “I’ll be careful.”

Bob decided to load up his monkey cannon with bananas and brought it up to the roof of his monkey tree-house.

Meanwhile Dr Dudelittle Junior arrived and whipped out his banana gun. He squeezed the end of it and banana came shooting out the other end.

Bob got hit! His best friend Gergonglers came along and blocked Bob with his big belly to protect him.

“Go away you small baby!” he shouted, “your bananas can’t get past me you big oaf!”

The bananas deflected off Gergonglers’ big fat belly, saving Bob from mushy banana mess!

Banana Bobbie, Dr Dudelittle Junior’s girlfriend, had witnessed the entire event and decided she didn’t like how cruel her boyfriend had been.

“You got ditched!” she told him angrily. “Get lost you smelly sausage!”

She turned to face Gergonglers…